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About Us

Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

Mentor Community Project (MCP) is a not-for-profit community organisation with a passion for young people, troubled families, especially lone parent households, vulnerable adults and the physically challenged.

We aim to reach these various groups through empowerment programmes, events, counselling, befriending and meetings; and by working with our agencies in the local community to ensure that our clients experience a range of quality educational provision and social integration. 


Our Objectives

  • To provide mentoring services and relevant training to support NEET individuals into apprenticeships, self-enhancement, job-readiness or full employment

  • To organise an educational and informative platform that circulates and shares helpful information

  • To create holiday activities and trips to stimulate and solidify healthy relationships between young people and their parents in order to bridge the gap between them and opportunities within the local community

  • To organise training that develops self-confidence and a positive mindset

  • To provide tuition that helps reduce underachievement amongst less privileged young people and families

  • To signpost young people and their guardians to relevant specialist organisations

  • To organise events that create awareness around reducing anti-social behaviour, increasing community engagement and promoting safe, friendly community


Who Can Join Us?

Membership of our group is open to all underprivileged young people and their families, irrespective of their nationality, religious persuasion or sex, that share our vision and wish to contribute positively to completing our objectives.

Key People

Our core team


Dr Adebola Dele-Adu

Project Co-ordinator


Dr Dele Joseph Adu


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